AutoPythonLauncher 1.0 Automation Software.

Autopy­thon­launch­er. is a Automa­tion soft­ware, togeth­er with this pow­er tool you can run python scripts from 3d pic­tures. It is a Cre­ator and Launch­er in one. In a few steps you can make your own automa­tion launch­er.
Python. Is a inno­v­a­tive script­ing lan­guages for computer,keyboard, joy­stick, or mouse device.

python button icons launcher
How to make a Python Launcher.

  • Step 1 — Cre­ate a pic­ture but­ton (Card,Disk,Cube,Sphere,Cylinder)
  • Step 2 — Select a pic­ture file and a sound file.
  • Step 3 — Select a pic­ture but­ton and then write a Python Script (you can also write oth­er lan­guages scripts for exam­ple (msdos .bat/.cmd/.???)
  • Step 4 — Save and Restart the Autopy­thon­launch­er, and now you ready to use the launch­er
    Push the pic­tures but­ton with your mouse or touch device and it will exe­cute direct the python script­ing code (native ptython script)

What can you do with AutoPythonLauncher.

With Autopy­thon­launch­er you can auto­mate any­thing and make life eas­i­er, This soft­ware can reduce ripet­i­tive move­ments, You Can Build in the Design Modus and in the Com­mand Edi­tor your own:

  • Mul­ti clip­board Launch­er
  • Key­board Short­cuts Launch­er
  • Task bar Launch­er
  • Tool bar Launch­er
  • Python Script launch­er

AutoPythonLauncher. works on windows system 32/64 bit (7/8/8.1/10)

To use Autopy­thon­launch­er, It required that you did install python 2.7 (all ver­sions) with pack­ages pyautogui/pywinauto/pyreg on your win­dows sys­tem. If this is done you are ready to go. Togeth­er with this Top Tool, you can speedup and improve your com­put­er move­ments.
Autopy­thon­launch­er is a 5 days in any week free­ware that you can use. (Sat­ur­day and Mon­day you will need a license. Click here for the (EULA) license agree­ment for end users)



Auto Python scripts launcher with picture buttons


Download portals for AutoPythonLauncher software.

Click the but­tons to down­load AutoPy­thon­Launch­er soft­ware.

Softpedia download autopythonlauncher 1.0


How to install AutoPythonLauncher.

  • Step 1 — Down­load and install python 2.7.13 (all ver­sions) on your sys­tem.
  • Step 2 — Down­load and unzip AutoPythonLauncher.zip
  • Step 3 — Run the file <install pyau­to­gui down­load and install.cmd>
  • Step 4 — Run the file <install pywin­au­to down­load and install.cmd>
  • Step 5 — And Run the file <install pyreg to main python directory.bat>
  • AutoPy­thon­Launch­er is portable put it on ramdisk or disk and run the exe file.

The Advantages of AutoPythonLauncher.

  • Sim­u­late key­strokes and mouse move­ments – from pic­ture but­tons, key­board or mouse device.
  • You can push the pic­ture but­tons (with out focus your win­dows)
    This means you can for exam­ple in python codes, send text or send key­stroke com­bi­na­tions to any appli­ca­tions.
  • Simul­tane Sounds.
  • You have but­tons that can do, if you select text you can direct do a google search in one but­ton click.
  • And you have but­tons that can do, if you high­light text in browsers do in one but­ton click, trans­late that text to your favorite main lan­guages.
  • AutoPy­thon­launch­er – Can Run python Scrips From But­ton images.
  • You have one cen­tral com­mand edi­tor where you can write any sort of
    script­ing lan­guages (msdos,python,???)



Simple Example Script AutoPythonLauncher.

from pyreg import *

import pyau­to­gui
import Tkin­ter as tk

pyautogui.hotkey('ctrl', 'c') #copy select­ed text to clip­board mem­o­ry

a = tk.Tk()

b = a.clipboard_get() #read the clip­board mem­o­ry and put in vari­able b

writeregstring('Software\AutoPythonLauncher 1.0\clipboard 1\KeyHintText','5',b) #set copy 5
writeregstring('Software\AutoPythonLauncher 1.0\clipboard 1\KeyHintText','10',b) #set paste 5

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