AutoPythonLauncher 1.0 Automation Software.

Autopythonlauncher. is a Automation software, together with this power tool you can run python scripts from 3d pictures. It is a Creator and Launcher in one. In a few steps you can make your own automation launcher.
Python. Is a innovative scripting languages for computer,keyboard, joystick, or mouse device.

python button icons launcher
How to make a Python Launcher.

  • Step 1 — Create a picture button (Card,Disk,Cube,Sphere,Cylinder)
  • Step 2 — Select a picture file and a sound file.
  • Step 3 — Select a picture button and then write a Python Script (you can also write other languages scripts for example (msdos .bat/.cmd/.???)
  • Step 4 — Save and Restart the Autopythonlauncher, and now you ready to use the launcher
    Push the pictures button with your mouse or touch device and it will execute direct the python scripting code (native ptython script)

What can you do with AutoPythonLauncher.

With Autopythonlauncher you can automate anything and make life easier, This software can reduce ripetitive movements, You Can Build in the Design Modus and in the Command Editor your own:

  • Multi clipboard Launcher
  • Keyboard Shortcuts Launcher
  • Task bar Launcher
  • Tool bar Launcher
  • Python Script launcher

AutoPythonLauncher. works on windows system 32/64 bit (7/8/8.1/10)

To use Autopythonlauncher, It required that you did install python 2.7 (all versions) with packages pyautogui/pywinauto/pyreg on your windows system. If this is done you are ready to go. Together with this Top Tool, you can speedup and improve your computer movements.
Autopythonlauncher is a 5 days in any week freeware that you can use. (Saturday and Monday you will need a license. Click here for the (EULA) license agreement for end users)

Look to this Youtube video and find out what AutoPythonLauncher can do.


Auto Python scripts launcher with picture buttons


Download portals for AutoPythonLauncher software.

Click the buttons to download AutoPythonLauncher software.

Softpedia download autopythonlauncher 1.0


How to install AutoPythonLauncher.

  • Step 1 — Download and install python 2.7.13 (all versions) on your system.
  • Step 2 — Download and unzip AutoPythonLauncher.zip
  • Step 3 — Run the file <install pyautogui download and install.cmd>
  • Step 4 — Run the file <install pywinauto download and install.cmd>
  • Step 5 — And Run the file <install pyreg to main python directory.bat>
  • AutoPythonLauncher is portable put it on ramdisk or disk and run the exe file.

The Advantages of AutoPythonLauncher.

  • Simulate keystrokes and mouse movements – from picture buttons, keyboard or mouse device.
  • You can push the picture buttons (with out focus your windows)
    This means you can for example in python codes, send text or send keystroke combinations to any applications.
  • Simultane Sounds.
  • You have buttons that can do, if you select text you can direct do a google search in one button click.
  • And you have buttons that can do, if you highlight text in browsers do in one button click, translate that text to your favorite main languages.
  • AutoPythonlauncher – Can Run python Scrips From Button images.
  • You have one central command editor where you can write any sort of
    scripting languages (msdos,python,???)



Simple Example Script AutoPythonLauncher.

from pyreg import *

import pyautogui
import Tkinter as tk

pyautogui.hotkey('ctrl', 'c') #copy selected text to clipboard memory

a = tk.Tk()

b = a.clipboard_get() #read the clipboard memory and put in variable b

writeregstring('Software\AutoPythonLauncher 1.0\clipboard 1\KeyHintText','5',b) #set copy 5
writeregstring('Software\AutoPythonLauncher 1.0\clipboard 1\KeyHintText','10',b) #set paste 5

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